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Haunted Destinations in South America

Just in time for Halloween, here are stories of haunted destinations from Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

People in red, black, and green attire drumming on black and white drums in a Carnaval parade.

Celebrating Afro-Argentine Heritage at Carnaval

Argentina is rich with African cultural heritage, and this is celebrated during Carnaval each year.

South America street art: Creativity with an urban canvas

A peek at the South America street art movement through some of the most impressive works found in Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

Gaucho in Argentina by Eddie Thorton

Gaucho Culture and History: Argentina’s Cowboys

Celebrated in Argentina for their nomadic lifestyles and superb horsemanship, learn why gauchos were South America’s answer to the cowboy.

Cerro Calvario, Copacabana

Holy Week in Latin America: Celebrating Semana Santa

Semana Santa is a huge source of domestic tourism in South America and governments grant feriados largos (extended holidays) for this long weekend.

Brazil Travel: Carnival in Bahia & Recife

There are many reasons to travel to Brazil for Carnival and NOT go to Rio de Janeiro, host to the most popular celebration.

Brazil celebrates Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but also Salvador de Bahia, Recife, Paraty, and other cities.

South America Travel: An Introduction to Carnival

Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro has achieved fame as the world’s biggest party. Celebrated in February, it’s a festival with roots in Catholic religion.

The Best Museums in Buenos Aires

July is a great time to visit Buenos Aires, the weather might be chilly, but the city heats up with a myriad of concerts, festivals, and exhibitions.

tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Argentina For Less

The 2012 Buenos Aires Tango Festival

The passion of the South American lifestyle is fully reflected in the vigor and liveliness of the tango, an iconic dance which hails straight from the heart of Argentina: Buenos Aires.