Iguazu Falls Visual Tour

There are countless angles of the majestic Iguazu Falls. Browse our gallery and you decide which face is better!
Tiers of massive waterfalls known as Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil.
Iguazu Falls can be marveled from a multitude of angles. Photo by banjo boy/Flickr

Iguazu Falls is arguably one of the most spectacular natural wonders of Latin America. Situated on the borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, Iguazu Falls is formed as the Iguazu River tumbles more than 80 meters (about 260 feet) over the Parana Plateau of Brazil. The highest fall, known as the Devil’s Throat, measures an impressive 82 meters (269 feet)! Now enjoy some of its most impressive views on this visual tour!

A panoramic take

Soak up the beauty of Iguazu Falls with this panoramic view from a lookout point on the Argentine side of the waterfall.

Panoramic of Iguazu - Will Russell

Iguazu Falls can be marvelled from a multitude of angles. Photo by Will Russell/Flickr

Reporting live from the rapids

The rushing water of Iguazu Falls sprays a cloud of mist as it cascades over the plateau, creating a subtropical microclimate which supports a variety of flora and fauna unique to the falls. You can get a close up look with a raft tour of the bottom of the falls from the Argentine side.

Iguazu Falls from the bottom Argentina

Take a raft ride and view the falls from the bottom up. Photo by Paul James Campbell/Flickr

Views from Argentina and Brazil

There is a debate as to which side gives you the best views of the falls: Argentina or Brazil. While it is true that 80% of the falls flow through Argentina and the other 20% flow through Brazil, the angles from each country are absolutely spectacular.

On the Argentine side, the park has numerous trails and catwalks that give you many opportunities to snap a great picture of the falls.

Bridge of Iguazu Falls Argentina - Terry Feuerborn - Flickr

An Argentine view! Photo by Terry Feuerborn/Flickr

The Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls has a catwalk that extends to the edge of one of the falls so you can get close up views of the Devil’s Throat.

Brazilian Iguazu Falls

An Brazil-style catwalk! Photo by Boris G/Flickr

Like the national park in Argentina, the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls has many hiking trails around that offer humbling views of the majestic cascades from hundreds of angles.

Hiking around Iguazu Falls Brazil

Reward some outdoor exercise with an amazing view of Iguazu Falls from Brazil! Photo by Scott Lilly/Flickr

Discover the many angles of Iguazu Falls for yourself!

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