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Diane and Jim Anderson in Lima Dear Chile For Less,

We appreciated the ground staff arranged by Latin America for Less in the five different countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador) we visited, who, without fail, arranged for us to meet and depart on eleven separate flights at all hours of the day. Having personal transfers from airports to hotels (and vice versa) and to be picked up and delivered at our hotels before and after tours took so much of the stress and uncertainty out of the trip.

Diane and Jim, Victoria, BC Canada.
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The following letters were sent to Mr. Gus Cam, the director of the South American Explorers Club, by some of our of our clients. The contact info of the clients and the director of the SAE club can be provided upon request.

----- Original Message -----
From: Carolyn Hauswald
To: Gus Cam
Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 12:26 PM
Subject: Re: Peru for Less


We did use Peru for Less and found their services to be outstanding. As a side I would like to mention that I contacted numerous travel agencies about 8 weeks before our trip. I never heard anything from several of them until there were only 2 weeks left and then they contacted me with offers to help. A little late in my estimation. I was shocked.

The thing that Peru for Less provided was a never ending willingness to answer what might have seemed like stupid and nit picking questions. I had a million of them and the answers always seemed to produce more questions on my part. The result was the development of a relationship that went far beyond that of traveler and tour company. In the end, Bernard invited us to stay in his home while we were in Lima. I am not sure that you should tell others about this because it was certainly not a part of the package and should not be expected across the board. I tell you this so that you will understand that our relationship with Chile For Less is not totally objective at this point.

Bernard has also made additional arrangements for us. My daughter will be returning to Cuzco this summer for 5 weeks and she will be staying at the home of his aunt whom we met while on our trip. We spent a lovely evening with Aunt Nini and her three children and I am very comfortable sending my 16 year old to their care for the summer.

Bernard, the owner of Peru for Less has been helpful in every way possible. Just yesterday he e-mailed this daughter a recipe for chicken that she will be making for her class when she presents a report on Peru. Bernard has the unique ability to relate to a 60 year old mom as well as to a 16 year old girl and in the process he understands and meets the needs of both.

I sense that there is a real interest in customer satisfaction with this company. They genuinely want their customers to have a wonderful time and to love Peru. This of course is easy to do - the loving Peru part, and difficult to do - meeting the needs of a wide variety of people with varied interests. It is my estimation that Peru for Less does this very well and I would not hesitate to recommend them for others in the future.

You may certainly share my a-mail with others that might be interested in this company or anything else about our wonderful trip and Crissy's upcoming homestay, school, and volunteer experience this summer. Thanks for all your help as well.


Carolyn Bosher

-----Original Message-----
From: Willard Colston
Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 8:13 PM
To: Gus Cam
Subject: Bernard Schleien--Peru for Less

Dear Gus Cam,

I am a member of the SAE Club who has just returned from a trip to Peru. I booked this trip through Bernard Schleien of Peru for Less, for one reason only--he was a prominent advertiser on the club website.

For the record, I can say that I was very pleased with the service I received from Peru for Less. Bernard booked all my flights in Peru, a stay at Explorers Inn on the Tambopato, hotels in Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo, a driver in Cuzco, tours in Lima, Cuzco and Machu Picchu, and even a fishing trip. He personally met me at the airport upon my arrival in Lima and put me back on the plane there. He also personally guided me in Lima, including a visit to the Ministry of Health, where I was researching a book I am writing.

I have a health problem that requires I use a "breathing machine" and mask in order to sleep. Unfortunately, my machine broke down in Machu Picchu, causing me to have to cut my trip short and return to the US early. Bernard willingly revised my itinerary and negotiated refunds and price adjustments that I thought were very fair. (I should have mentioned that his selection of hotels and tours was also excellent.)

Bernard also was also a great help to me in understanding Peru, which is important to the book I am writing. I recommend him and his agency highly, and it also reflects well on the club to have such a competent organization as an advertiser.

By the way, I had nice visits to the Lima and Cuzco clubhouses in their new locations. Both look great! I expect to return to Peru, as my work was not finished, and spend more time with the club. I look forward to meeting you then, and of course I will book again through Bernard and Peru for Less.


Will Colston

-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen Fox
Sent: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 20:23:07 EDT
To: Gus Cam
Subject: Peru for Less

Dear Gus, Sunny (my wife) & I just came back from Peru spending over 2 weeks in that beautiful country. We e-mailed Bernard @ Peru for Less & he made all of the arangements.This trip was about 25% less than the least expensive I had shopped before. I found Peru for Less on your web site & Bernard really followed-up on us as we went from city to city. I will call you about T-shirts for S.A.E. later.

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