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Customized Arica Travel Packages


Choose where you want to go; look through our Arica travel itineraries or contact one of our friendly travel advisors who will happily use their expertise to help you build your fully customized Arica travel experience.


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Arica Travel

Known as the city of eternal spring because of its ideal warm and mild climate, the northern city of Arica is full of natural treasures. Beach and wildlife lovers, as well as the culturally enthusiastic traveler, will certainly appreciate this destination. Situated right along a coastal desert, surrounded by golden dunes and a breathtaking national park, Arica is a must-see in Chile.

As the northernmost city of Chile, Arica is close to Peru and was once the main port for Bolivian trade, which has given the city its own unique flair. Less organized than most Chilean cities, with hundreds of street vendors and markets, Arica boasts an attractive center filled with pleasant gardens, sand dunes, and long sandy beaches. If you need a day or two to unwind, Arica is the perfect place to do so.

“Arica really is a magical place. In one weekend you can lounge on a perfect beach under temperate skies and the next day track down wildlife, looking down at the clouds huddled in the valley, high in the glacier ridden Andes Mountains.

With a history that dates back ten thousand years, archeologists have discovered that Arica was the center of a number of pre-Colombian cultures. Explore this rich and exciting history through a visit to an archeology museum. Here you can study ancient mummies, thousands of years older than the Egyptian mummies, and inspect interesting archeological artifacts.

Arica is also the gateway to Lauca National Park, one of South America’s true gems, with stunning snow-capped peaks over 19,000 ft high, and a plethora of wildlife including vicuñas and viscachas. Lauca is also home to one of the largest lakes in the world, Lago Chungara. Standing in this remote wilderness offers one new definitions of space and beauty.

With Peru just to the north and Bolivia to the east, Arica is a great jumping off point to your next South American destination.

Travel Testimonials

Dennis Burns Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Thanks for putting together a great itinerary. I had a fabulous time. Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Santiago de Chile each were exciting and interesting in their own way and greatly exceeded my expectations!
Dennis Burns, New Mexico, USA.

Oliver Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

We are back in Malta! We would like to thank you and your team for a most enjoyable vacation. Considering the many countries (Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil) we visited, and the 14 flights we took, all went well.
Oliver, Malta.

John Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Our trip was incredibly successful in three different countries: Chile, Brazil and Peru. And in every instance, the coordination of details and execution were impeccably accurate regardless of the country visited. Success at every stage was achieved regardless of location, the weather, the country and/or the time of day or night we traveled and were sight-seeing.
John, Golden, CO.

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Arica Hotels

Panamericana Hotel Arica Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Boasting sweeping ocean views, a renowned gourmet restaurant, and spacious rooms, the Panamericana Hotel Arica is one of the finest hotel options on the northern coast. Take a dip in the refreshing pool, play a little tennis on the courts, or sip a delicious cocktail from the bar while enjoying panoramic views of the sea. .

The Mediterranean-style Hotel El Paso Park is nestled in lush, colorful gardens and just minutes from downtown Arica. It boasts a truly impressive assortment of amenities and is staffed by gracious, friendly, and highly professional individuals. The hotel also owns three hectares of gorgeous nature, including palm trees, hibiscus, and bougainvillea. From the onsite Araksaya Restaurant to the tennis courts and coffee shop, the Hotel El Paso Park is fully equipped to maximize guest comfort, convenience, and security.

Hotel Diego del Almagro Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Hotel Diego del Almagro is a luxurious hotel located on the seafront and the perfect place to relax during your Arica vacation. With the smallest details taken care of by a friendly and attentive staff, you’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of the direct beach access to Chinchorro. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and offer beautiful ocean views. Enjoy the delicious cuisine conveniently served in the hotel restaurant.

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What to do in Arica

Arica Tour:

See Arica’s highlights and tour its famous beaches, Chinchorro and El Laucho. Climb the national monument, El Morro de Arica, an enormous rock standing 361 ft high that was used to defend the city throughout its history. El Morro is attributed to the Chilean military victories in the 19th Century Pacific War. From the top of this historic rock, the scene of a valiant battle between Chile and Peru, travelers have spectacular views of both the city and the sea.

Cultural attractions in Arica include the San Marcos Cathedral and La Casa de la Cultura, both designed by Gustav Eiffel, the architect responsible for the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Arica is also a duty-free port with fantastic shopping and travelers who plan on buying some mementos should take this opportunity to do a little browsing. Visit the artisan market to stock up on locally made jewelry, handbags, and warm alpaca wool clothing.

Azapa Valley and the Archeology Museum of San Miguel de Azapa:

Just a few miles east of Arica, this fertile oasis is home to a variety of fruits and vegetables, including the famous violet olives that are used to make Arica’s world renowned olive oil. While you are there, visit the mummies and artifacts in the Archeology Museum of San Miguel de Azapa, one of Chile's finest museums. This museum is part of the University of Tarapacá, which contains seven mummified humans from the Chinchorro culture (8,000-10,000 BC), the most ancient mummies yet discovered in the world.  The museum also boasts an enviable collection of Pre-Columbian weaving, pottery, woodcarving, and basketwork from the coast.

Lauca National Park:

Lauca National Park is a must-see destination on your Chile vacation. With a surface of 532 square miles, this international biosphere reserve covers the pre-cordillera and the altiplano of the northeast end of the Tarapacá region. This park is well known for being home to a great wealth of flora and fauna in addition to its dramatic cultural, historical, and natural attractions. More than 130 different bird species live in this park, including the distinctive vicuñas, vizcachas, and condors.

When to visit Arica

The city of eternal spring is a great Chile travel destination any time of year, although tours to Lauca National Park are best avoided from September through February, as roads may be closed due to heavy snowfall. We advise that you plan on spending 1 or 2 days in Arica, plus one more if you plan to visit Lauca.

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