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Customized Easter Island Travel Packages


Choose where you want to go; look through our Easter Island travel itineraries or contact one of our friendly travel advisors who will happily use their expertise to help you build your fully customized Easter Island travel experience.


With Chile For Less you will receive service from your own highly trained Chile Travel advisor, with in-depth local knowledge, who will guide you every step of the way to creating your dream itinerary. Keep in mind that we offer a price guarantee and the best testimonials in the business.


Once you and your travel advisor have created your ideal itinerary, go through our straightforward payment process and get ready for your magical trip of a lifetime with Chile For Less. We promise nothing less than outstanding customer service, knowledgeable guides, a smooth travel plan and the security of having a contact just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easter Island Travel

Often referred to as the world's largest open-air museum, this remote island in the South Pacific boasts some of the world’s most fascinating archeological treasures scattered across stunning scenery. 

Easter Island Tour Pictures, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

“Easter Island is simply spellbinding and will take your heart and soul in only a few days. It is one of the most isolated inhabited places on earth, a tiny speck of land blessed with an extraordinary collection of archaeological sites, including the iconic Easter Island statues.”

As travelers wander this magical volcanic island surrounded by sea, it’s hard to believe that such a beautiful place could have been the setting for such a tragic and complex history.  The presence of the monolithic moai statues, silent witnesses to the devastating events that almost decimated the Rapa Nui civilization, is a constant reminder of the island’s unfortunate past.

Archaeologists believe the island was first settled by Polynesians who ventured across the Pacific sometime between 700 and 1200 AD.  The descendants of these early travelers created the famous moai statues, believing them to represent the living faces of their ancestors.

Overpopulation led to famine on Easter Island and resulted in war between the five clans that lived there as they struggled to obtain scarce resources.  At one point, the population was reduced to just over 100 inhabitants. With the creation of the cult of the bird man the war ended and the population slowly recovered.

The first Europeans landed on the island’s shores on Easter Sunday, 1722. Unfortunately, from this day forward, the sea brought one disaster after another to Rapa Nui.  Slave raiders and deadly diseases continuously invaded the island, and by the mid 1800s the population was again greatly reduced.

Today the island has just under 4,000 inhabitants, and the landscape, used mostly for agriculture and to preserve the national park, seems shrouded in mystery with its caverns and steep cliffs.  Travelers often describe Easter Island as hauntingly beautiful.

Set amidst this volcanic island rearing its head out of a vast and seemingly endless ocean, Easter Island is a culture zealot’s paradise. With archeological treasures, riveting volcano hikes, and striking beaches, Easter Island offers much to explore during your Chile travel.

Travel Testimonials

Dennis Burns Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Thanks for putting together a great itinerary. I had a fabulous time. Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Santiago de Chile each were exciting and interesting in their own way and greatly exceeded my expectations!
Dennis Burns, New Mexico, USA.

Oliver Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

We are back in Malta! We would like to thank you and your team for a most enjoyable vacation. Considering the many countries (Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil) we visited, and the 14 flights we took, all went well.
Oliver, Malta.

John Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Our trip was incredibly successful in three different countries: Chile, Brazil and Peru. And in every instance, the coordination of details and execution were impeccably accurate regardless of the country visited. Success at every stage was achieved regardless of location, the weather, the country and/or the time of day or night we traveled and were sight-seeing.
John, Golden, CO.

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Easter Island Hotels

Iorana Hotel Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Hotel Altiplanico combines a sleek, modern design imitating the style of a traditional Easter Island boathouse and the comfort of home. This hotel strives to commune with its natural environment and is a model for efficiency and quality. Enjoy lush gardens, a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the sea and large open spaces. Rooms are independent units with private terraces and entrances, with a bathroom and shower opening to the exterior making you feel closer to nature. With its huge secluded property and first rate service, Hotel Altiplanico is the perfect place to stay on your Easter Island vacation.

Iorana Hotel Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Conveniently located just outside the center of Hanga Roa, guests can marvel at the stunning landscape of Easter Island from Hotel Iorana.  In fact during sunset, whether you are soaking in the cliff-side outdoor pool or lounging at the bar, you’ll have a great view of the sheer beauty of the island skies. Hotel Iorana is a comfortable family-run hotel committed to making you feel at home during your stay. Although simple, they are impeccably kept and all offer spectacular views from large glass windows.

Hotel O’tai picture, Chile travel, Chile For Less

For more than 40 years Hotel O'tai has been treating its guests to the best possible Easter Island vacation experience. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and terrace to make your stay more enjoyable in this beautiful floral setting radiating tranquility and peace. The outdoor swimming pool is nestled amidst a lush garden, maintaining this hotel’s fine blend of rustic feel and luxurious amenities. The restaurant serves traditional island cuisine in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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What to do in Easter Island

Rano Raraku Quarry: The highlight of any Easter Island tour is the enormous statues, known as moais, which lie scattered across the landscape. At the quarry, you can see over 300 moais in various stages of completion from a rough outline in the ground to the nearly finished product. It seems that the carvers simply laid down their tools one day, never to take them up again.

Some of the most unique statues on the island can be found here, at the place of their creation. A staggering sight is the statue that reaches as high as a 7-story building, and if you make your way to the south-eastern side of the quarry, you will discover moai Tukuturi, who is the only crouching moai on the island. Look closely and you will also see that he has a beard – another unique quality.

Orongo Ceremonial Village: Poised on the edge of the Rano Kau crater, looming above the Pacific, Orongo ceremonial village boasts one of the world’s most dramatic landscapes. Discover the petroglyph-covered altar at this central site of the former bird cult rituals performed in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the apex of cult ceremonies, young men raced to retrieve a Sooty Tern egg from the islets just offshore. The first to find an egg became bird man for the year.

Scuba Dive in Motu Nui: Motu Nui is the largest of the three islets found on Easter Island, and a great place to strap on your snorkel or scuba gear and dive into crystal clear blue waters.  With over 130 ft (40 meters) of visibility, comb the ocean floor and explore the wealth of fish, algae, rocks and coral in this diverse area. Glancing beyond the surface of the water back towards the island, you will marvel at the summit of a large volcanic mountain rising from the sea bed, looming above you in the background.

When to visit Easter Island

Easter Island is a great Chile travel destination any time of year. Peak tourist season runs from January to March which results in scarce accommodation and high prices. Book your Easter Island tour well in advance to experience the Tapati Rapa Nui ten-day festival, held in February, a fun celebration sharing history and culture. The rest of the year is less crowded, and at times you will feel like you have the whole island to yourself. July and August are the coolest months and make for spectacular hiking.

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