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Customized Iquique Travel Packages


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Iquique Travel


Iquique is a bustling port city and an ideal base for exploring the varied landscapes in the desert of northern Chile. Travelers can take archeology tours to the nearby geoglyphs from the pre-Hispanic culture and ghost towns, try deep sea fishing, wander the beaches, go surfing, or just relax in hot spring oases with natural mud baths.

Iquique Travel Package, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

“Located on a rocky peninsula at the foot of the high coastal mountain range, Iquique is perhaps the most attractive city in northern Chile, with its well-preserved colonial buildings and serene atmosphere. This is best exemplified in the town’s name which derives from the Aymara word ique-ique which means place of rest and tranquility.”

Sparsely populated throughout the colonial period, Iquique was transformed by the nitrate trade which brought large numbers of foreign traders and created wealthy elite. The city became the center of this trade after the mines moved from Peru to Chile at the end of the war of the Pacific in late 19th century.

The desert pampa stretches around the city north, south, and into the mountains, and is filled with geoglyphs as well as old nitrate towns, or ghost towns, that are worth the short trip from Iquique. The abandoned ghost town of Humberstone provides a truly surreal experience in the desert. The town has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The perfect Chile vacation destination for any traveler, trekkers, climbers, and budding photographers revel in the national parks of this region, where the Andes give way to orchards and farms before fading into the dry desert, which dramatically ends at the Pacific coast. 

Travel Testimonials

Dennis Burns Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Thanks for putting together a great itinerary. I had a fabulous time. Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Santiago de Chile each were exciting and interesting in their own way and greatly exceeded my expectations!
Dennis Burns, New Mexico, USA.

Oliver Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

We are back in Malta! We would like to thank you and your team for a most enjoyable vacation. Considering the many countries (Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil) we visited, and the 14 flights we took, all went well.
Oliver, Malta.

John Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Our trip was incredibly successful in three different countries: Chile, Brazil and Peru. And in every instance, the coordination of details and execution were impeccably accurate regardless of the country visited. Success at every stage was achieved regardless of location, the weather, the country and/or the time of day or night we traveled and were sight-seeing.
John, Golden, CO.

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Iquique Hotels

Terrado Suites Hotel Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Located on the seafront in Cavancha Peninsula with a spectacular view of Iquique, the Terrado Suites Hotel features first-class accommodations and excellent service.  The amenities of this 4-star hotel are endless and guests have a wide range of choices for their entertainment between three restaurants; a spa featuring a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and massage room; a bar; two outdoor swimming pools and a business center.

Radisson Iquique Picture, Chile Travel, Chile For Less

Located a few minutes from the beachside and the city center, Radisson Iquique features 78 comfortable rooms fully equipped with modern amenities. Guests will enjoy relaxing in the hotel’s impeccably-kept swimming pool, tasting the delicious local cuisine at the restaurant, sipping a cocktail at the bar, or simply sitting on the terrace.

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What to do in Iquique

Iquique City Tour: The nitrate boom in the 1850s created a wealth reflected in many of the buildings surrounding the attractive and shady Plaza Prat. If you are going to peek into a few buildings, make one of them the Centro Español in the northeast corner of the plaza.  This opulent building constructed in the Moorish style in 1904 is unique to Chile and features paintings of scenes from Don Quixote by artist Vicente Tordecillas.

The Museo Regional south of Plaza Prat on Calle Buaquedano boasts an impressive collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts, including some well-preserved mummies. The archeological section is beautifully designed and well organized, with exhibits tracing the history of the region from the pre-Hispanic civilizations all the way to the nitrate era. After you visit the museum, continue south on Calle Buaquedano to see some of the former mansions of the nitrate barons.

Explore the Geoglyphs: Geoglificos de Cerro Unitas is a collection of geoglyphs in the desert of northern Chile with geoglyphs of crosses, birds and lizards. The most impressive is the world’s largest geoglyph of a human form, Gigante de Atacama, created around 900 BC. Try to view  the geoglyph at dusk when the shadows are long and you can clearly make out the feather head dress and cat mask that adorn the figure.

Ghost Town of Humberstone: If you have ever been intrigued by the idea of visiting an abandoned city, Humberstone is your chance. You can wander through this empty town with signs in the grocery store still advertising ice and water, school desks and materials sitting in empty classrooms, and rusting machinery scattered across the barren streets.  Abandoned in 1961 after nitrate became obsolete, the town remains as it was when the last residents fled to find work elsewhere. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, this town is a highlight of the area, perfect for your Chile vacation.

Take the Trans Atacama Train: If you plan on visiting the geoglyphs and the ghost town, consider taking this train that takes you to both locations, and allows you to eat lunch at 6,500 ft above sea level while enjoying spectacular views and a folkloric show.  The train only runs one way, but a bus will be waiting to take you back. 

Thermal Springs of Mamina: Mamina is a very popular thermal springs resort marked by an ancient geoglyph depicting water on the side of the hill in the valley. The town itself has a quaint church, which is worth a peek. But, of course, the main attraction is the hot springs. Classified as radioactive, the water is full of sodium, sulphur and potassium, and believed by many to have therapeutic and medicinal qualities.

When to visit Iquique

Iquique hardly ever sees a cloud in the sky, let alone rain, which make it a perfect Chile vacation destination year-round. Temperatures on the coast are moderated by the Pacific, but in the pampa, variations between day and night are extreme, ranging from 30°C to 0°C.  Don’t forget to pack a sweater if you want to stay warm and cozy in the chilly nights of the Chilean pampa.


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